Before our gourmet olives are ready for harvest, they are delicately cared for on our California olive ranch. Once we’ve hand-harvested our groves, our olives are slow-cured using Old World recipes, brined for up to 24 months to ensure that Old Father Time is able to work his magic.

From there our delicious California olives are hand-stuffed, hand-bottled, and hand-packaged. It’s the same great flavor you’ll find in our olive oils, and then some. With our selection of olives stuffed with delectables like almonds, blue cheese, garlic, jalapeño, feta, and many more mouthwatering goodies, it’s no wonder these flavorful side dishes have become some of our most popular products.

If you’re looking for an olive that works as well in your home-cooked meals as it does all by itself, we recommend our Parmesan & Romano Stuffed Olives, but whatever you choose to take home – welcome to olive-lovers’ paradise!

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