Coconut Vanilla Sugar Scrub


This rich combination of Maui sugar, TOOC olive oil, and the tropical scent of coconut is perfect for gentle exfoliation. Use our Temecula Olive Oil Company Coconut Vanilla Body Scrub in the shower to scrub away dryness and rinse to reveal smooth and glowing skin. This product is a real time saver because no body lotion is needed after. We also love it to sooth our tired summer feet leaving them soft and silky smooth. It also makes a great hand scrub for the gardener or car enthusiast in your life.

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Indulge the senses and your skin with our Coconut Vanilla Sugar Scrub. A refreshing combination of coconut and vanilla added to Maui sugar and our Temecula Olive Oil Company olive oil. This sugar scrub makes for a very tropical scent that takes you away. And if you want to share the best with the ones you love, pick up an extra jar for them, they’ll go Coconuts!

Sugar Scrub – Made in small batches with our premium fresh-squeezed California olive oil. 8oz

At the end of the day, high-quality fresh-squeezed extra virgin olive oil is incredibly healthy. And due to its wealth of antioxidants, olive oil can benefit your heart, brain, joints & more. It just may be the healthiest fat on the planet, but that’s not “olive” the benefits this superfood has to offer.

Olive oil body lotions, butters, creams, and balms have exceptional moisturizing properties to hydrate the skin. And its high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D & Vitamin K make it an ideal product to protect & repair even the most sensitive skin. Plus, our handcrafted body lotions and butters are an all-natural way to care for your skin. These antioxidant-rich lotions have one main ingredient: olive oil! And olive oil creates the perfect opportunity for you to tell your skin “olive you.” In fact, after using our olive oil lotions, your skin may just say “olive you” right back! And your skin will love this Coconut Vanilla Sugar Scrub. 

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