Fragrance Free Liquid Foaming Soap


This Fragrance Free Liquid Foaming Olive Oil Soap is a luxurious way to wash your hands with no added fragrance for sensitive skin.

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This Fragrance Free Liquid Foaming Soap for sensitive skin is a luxurious way to wash your hands. And the key ingredient here is moisturizing olive oil. In addition these easy to use pump bottles create the perfect foaming soap for a good cleanse. Plus the olive oil in the soap works to keep your hands soft and rejuvenated. Use our Fragrance Free Liquid Foaming Soap when you want the soft and clean without any added scents.

Liquid Foaming Soap – Temecula Olive Oil Company soaps are made with our premium olive oil. They are handcrafted using the traditional cold press process to ensure the highest quality product. 7oz

Nature’s Beauty Secret

The benefits of olive oil on the face are nearly endless! Using olive oil for face masks is one of the many beauty secrets of nature that Temecula Olive Oil Company has been keeping track of for the last twenty years. While olive oil is popularly known for the amazing health benefits it provides as part of a balanced diet, olive oil treatments can also be used to keep your appearance beautiful and youthful.

The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians all acknowledged the beauty benefits of olive oil. Olive oil has been used for face, skin, hair, nails and even fresh breath. And scientific research in the last century has revealed that olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K and particularly vitamin E, which are protective antioxidants that minimize damage caused by “free radicals” (unstable atoms and molecules) that cause cell oxidation and aging.

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