Lavender Lip Balm


This exceptional Temecula Olive Oil Company Lavender Lip Balm is an olive oil lip balm that not only helps heal chapped lips, but it protects them as well. Our chapstick is made with 45% extra virgin olive oil (ours of course) and a hint of lavender. What a soothing scent! 0.15oz

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Our Temecula Olive Oil Company Lavender Lip Balm is going to be your new best friend. This exceptional lip balm not only helps heal chapped lips, it protects them as well! And since we use our premier California olive oil to make these balms, you know they’re something special. So pucker up and apply this Lavender Lip Balm for smooth, relaxed lips.

Lip Balms – Made in small batches using our fresh-squeezed extra virgin olive oil.

Kai Zen

At the Temecula Olive Oil Company, our trees love our land as much as we do. And when it comes to olive oil, the best ingredients require perfect growing conditions. So that’s why we chose Southern California. For its unmatched climate and soil potential. And over the decades, we have naturally enriched and invested in our land to ensure our products only grow better and more flavorful, year after year.

We are devoted to Kai-Zen agriculture techniques, a style of farming that consistently improves the soil without harsh chemicals or dangerous additives. For example, our weed control strategy utilizes the all-natural, slightly acidic water we extract from our olives during the cold-pressing process. Every one of our delicious products carries our commitment directly from our trees to your table.

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