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Olivum is Latin for olive oil. Our Temecula Olive Oil Company Olivum Reserve Late Harvest extra virgin olive oil is a traditional recipe olive oil with buttery notes and a nutty finish. It is great for baking, and can be used as a butter substitute in all your recipes.

We carefully blend our California Late Harvest extra virgin olive oils to achieve this rich and decadent flavor. This traditional olive oil can be used as an all-purpose oil for cooking, baking, roasting and dipping. Try our Olivum with our California Balsamico and a pinch of our Moroccan Spice Rub for bread-dipping deliciousness!

Fresh-Squeezed Olive Oil  – 375ml / 12.68 fl oz – All of our oils are always fresh, and current harvest. Our labels are harvest dated so you can control the freshness. Paleo, Vegan, Keto, Gluten Free


Our Olivum Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of our signature fresh-squeezed olive oils. We make it on our Olive View Ranch using Late Harvest olives that have fully ripened. And this traditional EVOO is a Late Harvest masterpiece. Plus, this buttery olive oil is packed with health benefits. So you can use Olivum Reserve Olive Oil as a substitute for trans fat-heavy butters in all your recipes. And you’ll get fresh-squeezed California extra virgin olive oil that’s as good for you as it is to eat! Our Temecula Olive Oil Company Olivum Reserve is an exceptionally smooth and rich extra virgin olive oil. And it offers an elegant addition to any number of dishes. From Baked Trout to Holiday Yams, this exceptional olive oil will have your family scrambling for seconds!

Olivum is Latin for Olive Oil. Olive oil has been documented in ancient literature as a source of sustenance and healing to peoples of the Mediterranean region. Homer even revered olive oil as “liquid gold” in The Illiad. At Temecula Olive Oil Company, we have discovered that Southern California olive oil is indeed causing a gold rush!

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Do you love olive oil as much as we love making it? Our knowledge, strict standards and passionate commitment are your assurance that every Temecula Olive Oil Company product you buy is the very best we can make. Because that’s the only way we can ensure the incredibly fresh, rich flavor of our pure extra virgin California olive oils year after year. So with each year’s harvest you’ll discover unique qualities and distinctive flavors. And because olive oil is best consumed within a year or two of harvest, we often produce limited quantities of special California olive oils and release them first – and sometimes only – to members of our Temecula Olive Oil Club.

As a family-owned and operated business we take great pride in every olive oil from California we produce. We hope they are not only a reflection of our devotion to family, friends, food, and health, but that they also enhance your enjoyment of life. And don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to visit our ranch and see for yourself! And all of our farm equipment runs on olive oil and we have a zero-waste operation. So any oil not extracted during the first pressing is used to make soaps, chocolates and other fine products. Plus we even use the high acidity water extracted from the olives during our pressing process to use as an all-natural, chemical-free weed control on our ranch. We look forward to talking with you soon!


Fresh-Squeezed Olive Oil – 375ml / 12.68 fl oz – All of our oils are always fresh, and current harvest. Our labels are harvest dated so you can control the freshness. Paleo, Vegan, Keto, Gluten Free

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