Kalamon Olives


Our Temecula Olive Oil Company Kalamon Olives are the California take on the Greek classic. Our Kalamon olives are cured with less salt, but they pack every bit as much flavor and are perfect snacks and centerpieces for your Mediterranean platters.

Drain weight 10oz

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Our TOOC Kalamon Olives are always a favorite each harvest. This is the olive varietal used for traditional Greek Kalamata olives. And this cure does not use as much vinegar or salt as the Greek method. But these California olives have the same full flavor. Our Temecula Olive Oil Company Kalamon Olives are very crunchy and fleshy. And it’s an olive you can really sink your teeth into! So get creative in the kitchen and cook with Mediterranean flare. Add these Kalamata olives to your Greek salads or throw them in the dough for olive bread.

And they make a delicious garnish or stuffing ingredient for chicken, fish or lamb dishes. Plus, a charcuterie and cheese board is not complete without some of our delicious hand-harvested olives. So grab a few jars and see what fresh flavor tastes like. You’ll be glad you did! Drain weight 10oz

Olives – Our hand-picked olives are cured in small batches to ensure our highest quality guarantee.

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