Parmesan & Romano Cheese Stuffed Olives


We blend the wonderfully sharp, nutty taste of premium California Parmesan cheese with the tangy flavor of Romano cheese and hand-stuff the mixture inside our slow cured Sevillano olives. These unique olives stuffed with cheese create a California flavor sensation that’s perfect for every meal and every occasion! Drain weight 10oz

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Parmesan & Romano Cheese Stuffed Olives are a must-have for your next party. Because no matter how you use these outstanding olives, they’ll be sure to impress. And whether you’re snacking on them right out of the jar or garnishing a cocktail, these are going to get a smile. Because we take the wonderfully sharp, nutty taste of premium California Parmesan cheese. And we blend it with the tangy flavor of Romano cheese. Then we hand-stuff the cheese blend inside our slow-cured Sevillano olives. And the symphony of ingredients come together to create a unique California flavor sensation. So savor the flavors and the smiles that will come when you serve our Parmesan & Romano Cheese Stuffed Olives. Drain weight 10oz.

Olives – Slow-cured in small batches to ensure our highest quality guarantee.

As a family-owned and operated business we take great pride in every olive oil from California we produce. We hope they are not only a reflection of our devotion to family, friends, food, and health, but that they also enhance your enjoyment of life.

Don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to visit our ranch and see for yourself! All of our farm equipment on olive oil and we have a zero-waste operation: any oil not extracted during the first pressing is used to make soaps, chocolates and other fine products. We even use the high acidity water extracted from the olives during our pressing process to use as an all-natural, chemical-free weed control on our ranch. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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