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We’ve combined the provincial French approach with a touch of Italian flavor to create a gentle blend of herbs that enhance the natural flavor of your favorite seafood. Gently rub Temecula Olive Oil Company’s blend of seafood spices and herbs, a mix of tarragon, fennel, marjoram, thyme, lemon thyme, and chili, on fish before poaching, sautéing, grilling, broiling, or frying. Now that’s the catch of the day! 2.3oz.

Ingredients: Tarragon, fennel, marjoram, thyme, lemon thyme, and chili.

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Our Seafood Herbs are a wonderful way to bring out Old World flavors in your fresh catch of the day. Because we’ve combined provincial French herbs with a touch of Italian herbs for the perfect medley of flavor from the Old World. And these flavors meld to create a gentle Seafood Herbs blend that will wonderfully enhance the natural flavor of your favorite seafood. Our fish seasoning rub includes tarragon, fennel, marjoram, thyme, lemon thyme and chili. And they’re all perfectly blended for your next feast! But just because they say Herbs for Seafood doesn’t mean you can’t use them for other things. Like chicken and rice dishes, or eggs with country sausage and fresh bread. The possibilities are limitless. 2.3oz.

Herbs & Spices – Made in small batches to ensure our highest quality guarantee.

Our proprietary herb & spice blends have made a big ’flavor splash’ ever since we introduced them. Finding just the right blend of gourmet herbs and spices took time and effort, but we’re not complaining. After all, we had just as much fun developing them as we did using them. Each test we ran meant another tasty meal for us. In the end, however, we only kept our best artisan seasoning blends to ensure the finest collection of herbs & spices for our customers.

The same attention to detail that goes into our other products also goes into hand-crafting these small batches of all-natural herbs and spices. Since we hand-make each bunch, we’re able to control our blends and produce a consistent, natural mix of herbs & spices. Once you take a look, we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked!

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