Chimichurri Herbs Blend


Temecula Olive Oil Company Chimichurri Herbs Blend tends to fly off the shelves when it’s in season. Chimichurri is a sauce used with grilled meat, originally hailing from Argentina but also used in Uruguay and in countries as far north as Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico. This is a classic accompaniment with grilled steaks, but it’s also exceptional as a dipping sauce to compliment any number of dishes. 2 oz.

To prepare a simple and easy Chimichurri sauce simply combine:

3 TBS Chimichurri spice

3 TBS Olivum Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 TBS water

1/2 tsp California Balsamico Bianco vinegar

1/2 tsp lemon juice.

Ingredients: Parsley, Garlic, Onion, Red Chili, Black Pepper, Oregano, Cilantro, Sea Salt, Cumin. Net weight 2 oz.

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Our Temecula Olive Oil Company Chimichurri Herbs Blend is packed with South & Central American flavors that will pair with everything from grilled steaks to sauteed vegetables to pan seared fish. Add a little bit of your favorite Temecula Olive Oil Company olive oils and you’re on your way to another tasty day! 2oz.

Chimichurri is full of antioxidants and healthy fats and is rich in nutrients and Vitamins A, C & K.

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