Build your own Valentine’s Day gift set by selecting your favorite items, then let us handle the rest! We will package your items in a beautiful box and send it to the location of your choice! Plus, you can add a gift message at checkout which we’ll include in your box. So whether you’re shopping for an olive oil enthusiast or a vinegar for your valentine, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget about our olive oil soaps & lotions. Or our famous sea salts, herbs & spices. And no gift box would be complete without our hand-stuffed California olives or dips & spreads. So whatever oils, soaps or scents your valentine enjoys, put it in this gorgeous gift box. The just sit back and relax! Because this is gifting made simple. And delicious.

Partnering With the Land

At the Temecula Olive Oil Company, our trees love our land as much as we do. And when it comes to olive oil, the best ingredients require perfect growing conditions. So that’s why we chose Southern California – for its unmatched climate and soil potential. And over the decades, we have naturally enriched and invested in our land to ensure our products only grow better and more flavorful, year after year. In addition, we are devoted to Kai-Zen agriculture techniques, a style of farming that consistently improves the soil without harsh chemicals or dangerous additives. So, for example, our weed control strategy utilizes the all-natural, slightly acidic water we extract from our olives during the cold-pressing process. Every one of our delicious products carries our commitment directly from our trees to your table.

Local & Fresh

Olives and extra virgin olive oils contain a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats ideal for preventing cardiovascular disease, lowering cholesterol, and counteracting anemia. And their antioxidant properties help fight aging. And our goal is to preserve these life-changing attributes as much as possible. That’s why we grow our olives and cold-press our oils locally in California – so they arrive at your table with more nutritious, fresh-squeezed flavor than our imported and mass market competitors. So don’t settle. Taste the fresh-squeezed difference. And embrace “olive” nature’s goodness.