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Our method of dry curing these premium California olives in sea salt is an Old World technique, but these Temecula Olive Oil Company Olivasecca olives offer a fresh new flavor to a variety of cooking recipes and dishes. This is a must-have ingredient for home and professional chefs to make “olive” your dishes more unique!

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Our Olivasecca Olives are perfect for making your dishes more flavorful and unique. And traditionalists will be happy to know that we use the Old World method of dry-curing these premium California olives in all-natural sea salt. Plus, this olive is an important ingredient for demanding chefs, and now you can find out why. Temecula Olive Oil Company Olivasecca Olives are delicious as a pizza topping or just to snack on. Need a cooking idea? Just click the link for a Rosemary Chicken with Whole Wheat Couscous recipe utilizing these amazing Olivasecca Olives. And if you’re looking for more inspirational recipes for our olives, olive oils, vinegars or other artisan foods, check out our recipes page! Drain weight 10oz.

And before our gourmet olives are ready for harvest, they are delicately cared for on our California olive ranch. And once we’ve hand-harvested our groves, our olives are slow-cured using Old World recipes. Because we brine for up to 24 months to ensure that Old Father Time is able to work his magic. And from there our delicious California olives are hand-stuffed, hand-bottled, and hand-packaged. It’s the same great flavor you’ll find in our olive oils, and then some. So discover our selection of olives stuffed with delectables like almonds, blue cheese, garlic, jalapeño, feta, and many more mouthwatering goodies. It’s no wonder these flavorful side dishes have become some of our most popular products.

Olives – Made in small batches to ensure our highest quality guarantee.

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